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Moreton Bay City Life is the ultimate guide for the locals and tourists living the best life in the Moreton Bay.

I am the founder and owner of Moreton Bay City Life. I created this local community website in late 2022 to share all the wonderful facilities and places I was visiting with my young family. I hope by sharing these experiences, I was encouraging other locals and tourists to explore and build everlasting memories. 

I lived in both Brisbane and Moreton Bay (local resident) and my favourite place to holiday is in Thailand. I have an active toddler, a husband, and two mischievous dogs. My background is in information management. I am interested in reading, lifelong learning, and being active. I would love to make time to help the local wildlife charities to save native animals in the near future. 

May my website make it easier for everyone to get out and about and build great memories and experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you book a park for us?

No, we can’t book a park for you, you will need to contact the Moreton Bay Regional Council where the park is located.

2. Can you answer questions about classes and activities on your website?

We are not the best people to ask about a specific business, you should always contact a business directly if you are seeking specific information.

3. Can you help us with specific event information?

We aim to provide all the information you should need, however, if you need more information about an event then you should seek to locate the organisers of those events.

4. Where can I find the latest “What’s on” brochure?

Please visit your nearest Moreton Bay Library branch to pick up a physical copy of “What’s on” brochure! A listing of events – exhibitions, workshops and activities – being held across the Moreton Bay region.