Discovering the Spectacular Waterfalls Near Brisbane

In the summertime, it’s only natural for you to seek out swimming holes and waterfalls. Waterfalls are particularly appealing because you can swim and enjoy some beautiful scenery, not to mention let the swoosh of the water take you away into a relaxing daydream land. If you live in the beautiful Moreton Bay region, or you’ll be visiting there anytime soon, you might wish to learn where some of those waterfalls near Brisbane are, and that’s what we’re here to help you do.

Best waterfalls Brisbane

Are there different types of waterfalls?

Contrary to what many believe, there is more than one type of waterfall, including in the Brisbane area. When you’re researching waterfalls near Brisbane, make sure you look at the different types of waterfalls, which include:

● Block waterfalls: Also called rectangle waterfalls, they are typical waterfalls that fall straight down, forming a rectangle as they fall.
● Cascades: If a waterfall falls alongside a sloped surface, which guides the water’s direction, it is called a cascade.
● Dramatic rock waterfalls: These are waterfalls that flow over unique and sometimes oddly shaped rocks, often with different sizes and shapes.
● Misty rainforest waterfalls: These are waterfalls that naturally occur in a rainforest and can be a variety of sizes and strengths.
● Plunging waterfalls: Plunging waterfalls fall forcefully but usually don’t hit the cliff at the bottom and fall vertically.
● Punchbowl waterfalls: Punchbowl waterfalls have a very wide and large body of water at the end of the waterfall itself.
● Ribbon waterfalls: These are long and slim waterfalls, and they are usually seasonal or ephemeral falls.
● Secret waterfalls: Just like the name suggests, these are waterfalls that are located in out-of-the-way places, which means a lot of people don’t know about them.
● Tiered waterfalls: These are waterfalls that have numerous vertical tiers, each of which has water falling from it.

Finding waterfalls in the Brisbane area isn’t that difficult, and now we’re going to list some of the best ones in that area.

The best waterfalls near Brisbane

Below are some of the waterfalls tourists consider to be some of the most amazing in Brisbane:

1. Rocky Hole (Mount Mee)

This waterfall has been voted one of the best waterfalls near Brisbane, in part because of the granite-filled gullies that are commonplace in Mount Mee. The waterfall is nothing short of stunning, and even though you may need a 4WD vehicle to get through the gravel roads, it will be worth it once you get a peek at them.

Rocky Hole is easy to find because it is part of the D’Aguilar National Park, and you can get there from either Dayboro or Woodford. You can get to Rocky Hole either through the Gantry day-use area or the Neurum Creek Camping Area, which is just north of the waterfall.

2. Northbrook Gorges (Dundas)

The first thing you need to know about this waterfall is that reaching it is recommended for experienced walkers and hikers only. It is a fairly hidden gem but absolutely beautiful once you get there, with its crystal-clear water and lots of boulders and rocks to climb. The pools formed by the waterfalls vary from those that are ankle-deep to those that you need to swim in to cross. A large part of the experience involves walking through a creek and getting your feet wet, so you should be prepared for that before you leave.

3. Stony Creek (Woodford)

Stony Creek is found on the Conondale Ranges at the southern end of the Bellthorpe Forest Reserve. It is a natural swimming hole that is perfect for people who love to swim and hop boulders. The stones and pebbles themselves are breathtaking and come in all different colours, and the swimming hole itself flows through Stanley River and towards Somerset Dam. Surrounded by native bushlands, Stony Creek is easy to get to from Fletcher Road’s
day-use area, which is located west of Woodford.

4. Rocksberg Park Heritage Reserve (Caboolture)

Located on the upper section of the Caboolture River, this waterfall is a favourite for locals and visitors alike, especially those who like to picnic before they get into the water. While you’re there, you can enjoy beautiful bushlands and even unique wildlife. You can enjoy lunch at a picnic table and the small fish and rocks in the water. It is also appropriate for kids as well as adults, so you don’t need any extensive hiking experience to enjoy a day

5. Cedar Creek (Samford Valley)

You can arrive at Cedar Creek Samford Valley near either Samford Valley or Eatons Hill at Draper. Both are just 30 minutes from Brisbane, and they consist of nice serene rock pools that are so tempting you’ll be super-anxious to get right in the water as soon as you get there. You’ll have to drive along Mt. Samson Road, then turn left when you get to Cedar Creek Road and pass Andy Williams Park. You’ll need to keep in mind that there are private properties all along your route, so you’ll want to be mindful of that the entire time.

6. Mill Rainforest Swimming Hole (Mount Mee)

This is one of several secret waterfalls near Brisbane that you’ll never regret visiting. Once you arrive in the area, it takes around 20–30 minutes to get to the swimming hole, but the falls offer opportunities to wade, rock-hop, swim in freshwater, and view beautiful turquoise-coloured water. It does require some “off-track” walking to get there, but you can be a beginner and still enjoy it.

7. Gardners Falls (Maleny)

If you’re looking for waterfalls in north Brisbane, this is one of the best. It is perfect for both beginners and more advanced hikers and swimmers and is found in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Turn onto Obi Obi Creek Road when you’re on Landsborough-Maleny Road, and you’ll recognise it immediately. There is a car park with a path that leads to the main swimming area and main waterfall, complete with two rope swings for those who are so inclined. To be sure, Gardners Falls offers something for everyone and is the perfect respite on a hot summer day.

8. Kondalilla Falls (Montville)

Found in Kondalilla State Park, this waterfall is stunning and stands at a very impressive height. Make sure you wear the right shoes because you’ll need to take more than 300 steps on the Kondalilla Falls Circuit before you get to the rainforest and then the waterfall itself. It is rather steep, and therefore, you can either jump in at that point or just remain on the lookout and enjoy the view. There are also lots of large rocks for walking over or sitting and
resting on when you need a break.

9. Wappa Falls (Yandina)

This waterfall is similar to Gardners Falls in that there are several small falls in addition to the main waterfall. If you find the Wappa Dam, you won’t have to walk much longer to get to the waterfall, and keep in mind that this is a best-kept secret in the area, as not too many people know about it. The only word of caution is to be careful after it rains because the rocks tend to be slippery, and you could trip and fall when entering the water.

10. Natural Bridge (Springbrook National Park)

Found in the Gold Coast Hinterland, this is one of the many waterfalls walks near Brisbane that is great for both hikers and walkers, not to mention lovers of natural beauty. It starts with a paved walking track that brings you to all areas of the waterfall, and the main tip to remember is that there is no swimming allowed in the water. Why? Because it is filled with gorgeous glow worms, which they have vowed to protect. Still, the view alone is worth it, especially if you go after dark and can see the glow worms for yourself.

Things to remember when visiting waterfalls Brisbane

Brisbane certainly has its fair share of waterfalls, and finding waterfalls in the Moreton Bay Region is usually easy. Still, you’ll want to research each of them before going there in person because a certain amount of climbing is required, with some even being recommended for experienced climbers only. While you can swim in most of these falls, that is not true of all of them, which is yet another reason to
research them online before visiting them.

Another reason for a little due diligence is the number of hidden, less well-known waterfalls you can find throughout the area. Brisbane has several waterfalls that many people are unaware of, and they are some of the best in many cases. This alone is a great reason to research waterfalls online first.

Final word

The Moreton Bay Region of Brisbane is home to numerous waterfalls, each with its own perks and advantages. They are all exquisite and inviting, and because they come in different styles and with distinct features, you shouldn’t hesitate to jump right in and start enjoying them today.