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Moreton Bay Region

The summer is shaping up to be a heat wave and nothing calls more than a getaway in the natural beauty that Australia has to offer. But to cater to this sweltering weather, how about a refreshing tranquil experience involving private beaches, spa baths, and breathtaking views with pools surrounded by oasis? The ideal venue for your spa resort getaway is none other than the serenity of the Moreton Bay Region, especially after doing an intense online yoga teacher training.

Surrounded by lush scenery, crystal clear beaches, and palm oasis  Moreton Bay is home to some of the best spa and retreat locations to escape to this summer. We would like to recommend our top 5 ideal locations in Moreton Bay Region for your perfect getaway.

Getaway 1 -Bribie Island Holidays

If you have been dreaming of a beach holiday getaway where you can lay in the sun, and take a dip in the cool waters of the pool or beach without being subject to a busy location, then Bribie Island is a retreat for you. This exotic island holiday oasis, just an hour and a half outside Brisbane, where the sounds of city life are absent and nature is fresh and alive, you can disconnect from your busy schedule, put your feet up and get the real chill time you deserve.

 On your very own island getaway, you can choose from an array of beach houses, apartments, or accommodation that is not just luxurious and spacious, but has a pet-friendly option too; you can even opt for the cut basic beach cottages fully furnished for that independent alone time you desire. It’s so homely you can bring your own linen or have it arranged for a small fee.

No matter the location of your destination you are never far from a pool, or beachside walks with lush overhanging palms. You can choose from luxury-styled homes that house whole families from $310 per night to smaller, more elegant canal-front holiday homes for $275 per night. The options are endless and cater to all tastes and preferences.

Bribie Island is one of the treasures in Moreton Bay’s trove that has stretches of sandy white beaches and calm clear waters which offer fantastic opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, boat tours, kayaking, you name it. Unwinding to some of these pass times is perfect for your stress levels and grounding yourself again with one’s surroundings. If you are a fan of eating out and as a foodie would like to try new places, then the Island is home to some of the best fish and chip shop,s serving freshly caught seafood right off the bay. There are also an array of boutique stores to whet the shopper’s appetite with unique handmade items exclusive to the island.

There is also a whole other level of relaxation you can undertake at the Beauty Retreat on Bribie Island the best kind of indulgence and relaxation to spoil yourself. Take a day to sit back and enjoy the soothing facials, deep tissue massages, waxing and a list of other beauty treatments with views overlooking the ocean and enjoying a delicious cheese platter; this self-care day will prepare you for the serenity that the Island has to offer.

Getaway 2 – Tangalooma Island Resort

The infamous Tangalooma Island Resort, just 75 minutes via the Catamaran Cruise from Brisbane, is the perfect place to enjoy uninterrupted views, take in the natural surroundings and have total relaxation. Imagine a wonderland of peace and tranquility, with an array of activites such as whale watching cruises, desert safari tours, snorkelling and hand feeding wild dolphins. Ranging from $179 per night to the fancy deluxe rooms for $289 per night, the Island Resort sits against the splendid Moreton Island shores and you havde the pick of the most beautiful beachfront accommodations including hotel rooms, units, villas and apartments set amidst palm oasis gardens, national park or ocean views.

The resort itself offers an array of luxurious down time activities that will make your getaway a special one. From sitting by the pools edge or taking a deep dive in the private pool apartments, to playing squash or a game of volleyball on the beach, feeding the local pelicans, to enjoying the eco encounters with the kookaburra’s withwildlife experts or just taking a walk along the white sands. The resort is never without something to do to make your experience a luxurious one.

If its a relaxing spa experience though the combination of massages, facials and fresh spa treatments then the spa packages is also a theraputic option. Revitalise and rejuvenate your mind and body with complete pampering packages with scents such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Rosemary scents that will alleviate muscle pain, reduce anxiety anhd stress and instill relaxation.

Other activities include wild dolphin feeding, an opportunity every sunset and a highlight of the Island, encountering natures splendid wildlife or kayaking at the brink of sunset at dusk witha clear boated kayak and encounter an abudnence of marine life for just $79 per adult, or join a boat trip for $69 for a dive deep into the Tangalooma wreck and encounter an abundance of reef fish and coral formations. No matter what, this treasure trove of a resort is the ideal place to escape for your next planned holiday.

Getaway 3– Mecure Clear Mountain Lodge 

Imagine a resort that can transport you to a place of beauty and lush scenery surrounded by mountains with access to a perfect spa for a rejuvenating experience and including the fresh mountain air that backs onto a vineyard rising and falling through a splendid forest that sits tucked into the mountain side; a peaceful retreat we recommend the Mecure Clear Mountain Lodge. A quick 35 minute drive from Birsbane city’s centre, the exquisite 51 room and suite accomodation is the perfect short holiday break, romantic getaway, wedding destination or business retreat for you, you take your pick. 

With everything you need to unwind, choose from the special lodge suites for $389 per night or select a deluxe room for a more affordable price, for $199. Enjoy rooms of modern elegance and finishings that will have you feeling like royalty for your stay. The Food is another whole level of special and after enjoying the lodges tennis or swimming facilities or experiencing a stroll through the gardens, the Lakeview Lounge and Dinihg area is perfect for a morning or afternoon tea, lunch or dinner meal with a selection of the most delectable food that the resort has to offer. 

If you are looking for a romantic exclusive option, Moreton island’s Mandy’s on the mountain restaurant is a signature location and is a part of the Clear Mountain Lodge with exquisite views with a restruaunt and bar that offers a unique experience and menu that is special adnd catered just for you; you wont be disappointed.

Checking in to the resort calls for total relaxation and what better way to experience that  than choosing from one of the blissful spa packages on offer. Stephanie’s Mountain Spa has a series of treatments that are perfect for your experience at the resort, choose from a bespoke menu under the ultimate rejuvenation package for you and a friend or partner such as a one hour ‘La vie Elixir’ botanical bath soak, enjoy a pedicure, essentials massage, classical facials or body masque rituals followed by a champagne, three course meal or two course depending on your choice of package. Other packages range from $195 per person to $250, take your pick. 

The mountain top location also offers a natural surrounding of serenity with picturesque outlook and uninterrupted views that invite you in for a splendid beachside walk or picnic on the lush grass surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

Getaway 4 – Worldsaway Retreat 

Moretan Bay holds the key to the most lucious location for the ideal venues and retrteats near Brisbane and the special addition of wonderful spa’s close to the towncentre. The Worlds Away retreat is the eco friendly and lavish location for a summer of complete tranqulity. Hit pause on reality, disconnect from the busy world and plug in and reset in one of the exquisite accommodations available. Just 50 minutes fro the centre of Brisbane, this hinterland escape which is settled between stunning ocean views and estate winery is a perfect getaway option.  Be prepared to be spoiled with the numerous attractions, fantastic restaurants and cafes all within the vacinity of this incredible destination. You have the choice of staying  n self contained lodges, cabins or even bringing a trailer or stay in a tent and awaken to the firsthand backdoor experience of the Glass House Mountains; a highlight of Moreton Bay, positioned to maximise your experience.

Disconnecting from technolody is a great way to detox from the stresses of life and embrace the natural paradise of Worlds Away Retreat which provides opportunities for mountain walks, hikes to waterfalls, creek strolls, open campfire dining, hammock relaxation and access to the entertainment deck/outdoor lounge area.

Built from the earth, the naturally influenced retreat is perfect for any seasonal traveller to embrace oneself and the world around them, free from distraction and worry of the world’s issues and these self contained cabins include linen, access to the amenities building, as well as wonderful walks and hiking trails, pantries stocked with basic condiments as well s a full BBQ kit. Your retreat experience will be one to remember and the perfect way to prepare your hearts and minds to unwind and relax.

Getaway 5 – Glass House Eco Mountainlodge

Connecting with nature is a step in the right direction to unwinding in summer. The Ecolodge was opened in 2004 to travellers which strives to support eco tourism, to minimise environmental impact, fund envirionmenal education and promote quality of life and reduce poverty. With these intentnions this idealsiitc location now offers Victorian styled train carriages to stay in with doublesized beds, small kitchens and a nice deck area with air condiitoning, or stay in the church converted loft, with a bedroom which has been beautifully restored, a comfortable and simple place where you can enjoy a book from the extensive library or relax the queen bed with its own private facilities or how about the bungalo, a simple and historical setting with  antique balineese inspired doors and an antique indian dowry chest. This historically inspired accommodation is spacious and just the escape that is needed for a relaxation experience. Other accommodation options include Family suites, orchard rooms and forest family rooms, that back onto luscious rainforest and offer exploration opportunities.

Walks to nearby national parks are among some of the many beautiful outdoor encounters that can be participated in at your own pace, as you embrace the splendid oasis that surrounds you. You can take the orchard walks and enjoy a slice of Eden with tropic fruits and nuts in season and to be enjoyed. You could also try the bush tucker walk to discover the variety of bush foods available amongst the incredible regrowth of the surrounding forest. 

Some of the other activities include visiting the Eumundi markets a place of original design and antiquities, visit the Australia zo, explore the underwater world with an ocean walk where you can take the plunge with the infamous shark dive; an extreme and come face to face with sharks and rays or just take in the sunshine coast and its gorgeous beaches. No matter the choice of extra curriculum activities you will always have a choice to unwind and take int he splendid atmosphere of the world around you, by simply engaging with the natural world of the Glass Mountains.

Tips for choosing the best spa and retreats in Moreton Bay Region

When choosing the best spa and retreats in the Moreton Bay Region, it is important to take into consideration where you are at physically and mentally, if you are looking for a retreat with absolutely no distractions than the simpler the destinations surrounded by nature is perhaps your best option, but if you are seeking to engage in a spa deluxe package and a resort style accommodation, then the luxurious rooms and stunning views with its exotic spas and retreats and with airconditioner and a pool with spa packages would be best suited for the ultimate unwinding experience. 

How to make the most of your time at the spa and retreat

Making the most of your time at the spa and retreat facilities is important for the rejuvenation and relaxation vibes to take over and completely and mentally reset you before you return to the business of every day life. To make the most of your time at the spa and retreat we recommend disconnecting from social media, putting away your emails and work computer, leaving your phone in your room and limiting the amount of activities you do to distract from sitting still and taking in the world around you. Moments of silence that can be provided through walks along the beach, swims in the ocean, or a luscious spa encounter a great ways to undo the built up knots in your life and create space and room to breathe and move, Just remember whatever you put into your experience you will get out of it so do not be afraid to let go of your phone for example and take a moment to just be.

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